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There's nothing better than a freshly cleaned environment. But with everything else on your plate, the last thing you need to worry about is cleaning. That's where we come in. At NN Cleaning Enterprise LLC, we provide a detail-oriented janitorial service for residential and commercial clients alike. From expansive offices to cluttered apartments, we do it all. No matter what you need, we are more than happy to help.

Customize Cleaning

We understand that everyone has different cleaning needs. With this in mind, we tailor our services to fit your unique circumstances. Once we've developed your personalized cleaning plan, our trustworthy staff gets to work. Our services are available on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, so we're here for you whenever you need us. When you work with us, expect a sparkling home or office at affordable prices

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Residential Cleaning


  • Remove cobwebs
  • Dust window sills and decor items
  • Clean hinges and Dust Furniture
  • Dust blinds and ceiling fan switch within hand reach
  • General tidying
  • Vacuum all floors


  • Clean and sanitize outside all appliances, large and small
  • Clean and sanitize counters and sink
  • Clean stove top
  • Clean microwave interior.
  • Dust and spot Clean cabinet exteriors
  • Hand wipe tables and chairs
  • Hand wipe small appliances
  • Vacuum and mop floors.


  • Clean and sanitize shower tub and enclosure.
  • All counters and sinks.
  • Sanitize toilet.
  • Clean and shine mirror and fixtures.
  • Fold towels.
  • Vacuum and mop floors.

Whip Wood Work

  • Baseboards
  • Door frames
  • Window sills
  • Cabinet exterior
  • Paneling


  • Spot clean walls

Window Glass

  • Clean interior windows
  • Clean sliding glass door
  • Clean French doors

Extra Touches

  • Empty wastebaskets
  • Place trash in outside receptacle
  • Clean sliding glass door inside and out if (weather permits)
  • Vacuum family room furniture
  • Clean window over sink
  • Make beds.

All Extra Cost

  • Clean inside of the oven
  • Clean inside of the refrigerator
  • Clean inside of the cabinets
  • Clean inside of the pantry.
  • Spring Clean closets.

Commercial Cleaning


  • Lobby And Entryway
  • Glass entry door removes all visible dirt smudges and fingerprints.
  • Trash removal
  • Empty all wastebaskets, Replace which fresh lining and sanitation receptacle daily.
  • Remove any particle debris on upholstery seating, coffee table, side table, lamps, etc. Tidy and arrange any books or magazines on the table top.
  • Vacuum all carpet floors.
  • Wooden floors damp mop.
  • Dust all desks, table top and all office equipment.

Office/Conference Rooms

  • Contact surfaces
  • Wipe clean, high risk, high contact surface such as desktops and table tops.
  • Trash Removal
  • Empty all wastebaskets, Replace with fresh liners.
  • Dust or wiping all furnishings.
  • Vacuum all carpets.
  • Damp Mop all hard wood floors.


  • Trash and hygiene waste
  • Empty all trash cans units replace fresh liners, sanitize receptacle daily. Sanitize all bathroom floors.
  • Clean sinks, faucet, toilets, urinal.
  • Mirror glass
  • Clean mirror to a streak-free
  • Shine removes all visible dirt, smudges and fingerprints.
  • Doors, walls & Stall partitions
  • Spot clean as needed where visible soiling is present.

Kitchen/Breakroom/Coffee Station

  • Trash & Food waste
  • Empty all trash cans replace with fresh liners.
  • Contact Surface
  • Spray to clean and wipe all counters, lunch tables, chairs.
  • Sinks & Countertops
  • Wash clean all sinks, countertops.
  • Kitchen Floors
  • Vacuum floors followed by a wet mop gentle scrub clean and sanitize.